Weather Resistance

Because they’re manufactured from Colorbond sheeting, our awnings are completely waterproof and built to withstand the toughest elements, including hail.

Unique Design

With their smooth, streamlined surfaces, the sky’s the limit when it comes to customizing your awning. Our colour swatch and lace finishes make designing an awning that really compliments your home or business fun and simple.

Company Promotion

Our awnings can be used for more than just a weather cover though. Used over your business’ front entrance, or even inside over displays, they can make an eye catching ad with your logo and name embellished on the front in vinyl.

We also offer to fit awnings with light boxes, making your company’s name visible even after dark.


  • Made to fit any size door or window
  • Manufactured from top quality Colorbond sheeting and aluminium joiners
  • Available in 12 colours
  • Optional Extras:
    • Lace trim
    • Vinyl art